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We have to remember a lot of facts during our studies. In this competitive environment, the pressure of memorizing these topics and facts related to the syllabus in the mind as soon as possible also increases.

Often all the students are worried that how to remember these facts related to studies easily and for a long time so that they can get the best rank in competitive examinations.

For this, you have to first understand how our brain works in remembering something.

How does our brain remember facts?

In fact, our brain is a very complex organ made up of thousands and millions of nerve cells.

In our mind, countless information from childhood till now is stored. The information is there…but all the information is spread randomly.

The information (memories) which are systematic, we remember well and for a long time. Here systematic information means that which are connected to each other.

This video will clear you more things.

What is GK Tricks (General Knowledge Tricks)

GK Tricks is a way to remember General Knowledge. Under this, GK makes an interesting sentence by adding facts to each other in an interesting way. So that while re-calling these facts, all the connected things are exposed. For example, permanent members of UNSC can be remembered in this way:

Thus, this is the way by which you can easily remember any fact for a long time.

You can learn many similar GK Trick (General Knowledge Trick) like this.

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